Baiyu Sings a “Cold Hearted” Song

It’s the beginning of a new month so you know what that entails, right? Baiyu has released a new single per her 2013 tradition. “Cold Hearted” is another track rooted in her personal experiences and gives the singer some room to use her vocal talents over a mid-tempo R&B track. I can only wonder what else the year will bring from Baiyu – because these monthly leaks are a fairly strong showing.

A lot of times people are intrigued by my lightheartedness despite everything I’ve been tasked and blessed with in life. At the same time, somehow I feel very closed in and hardened when it comes to love. Will you be the one to change that?

Artist: Baiyu
Music Producer: KQuick
Mastering: Kevin Odom


What’s the hurry
Pull it back
Odds are good that
You won’t last
Something pretty
Something bad (oh)

Nice to look at
Nice to see
What’s it worth
Do you know
Harness the feeling
Don’t let it go

Show me what I haven’t seen before
Make me believe in that there is more
Prove to me that I should miss what’s missing
Move me have me wanting what’s yours
Sense what my body needs and so
So that you can know (eh eh)

I know you think I’m cold hearted
But think again
That my soul is just barren
Won’t you rain on my meadow
And quench all my thirst then
Piece together the broken
And feel again

Don’t be hurried
Pull it back
If I’m rusty
Then polish that
Make it shiny
Make me crack (oh)
Good to meet you
Maybe you’re the
One for me
So come here and
Why don’t you show me (yeah ah)





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