The Songs of Faith Youtube Cover Round-Up – 4/7/13

Happy Sunday, everyone. Given the day of the week, I thought it’d be fitting sharing a few covers of our artists expressing aspects of their Faith through song. They cover a number of well known Worship tunes, both old (some very old) and new. Regardless of subject matter, I think we can all appreciate an honest, heartfelt song when we hear one. Well, here’s six.

Koo Chung x Tim Be Told Cover “Listen to Our Hearts” by Geoff Moore x Steven Curtis Chapman

Erin Kim x Ben Clement Cover “Nothing Holding Me Back” by Bryan x Katie Torwalt

Summer Breeze Covers “Healer” by Kari Jobe

Sherilyn Yi Covers “Worshiping You” by Deluge

Sam Ock Covers the Hymn, “The Love of God”

Sam Ock Covers the Hymn “Holy, Holy Holy”

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