J. Reyez Releases the “Tomorrow” MV

J to the R-E-Y-E-Z is promoting the latest single off his Stolen Riches album, “Tomorrow”. The track takes on a personal angle, speaking to the spirit of perseverance and inner strength. The sung hook isn’t a homerun but the rest of the song is a pretty decent listen and has it’s heart in the right place.

(verse 1)
I feel a little uncomfortable on the bed I’m sleeping on
need to turn the tv on, or music to hear a song
i’ve always been the quiet type, people often mistake it
I’d be up late at night, when I was younger and I’d hate it
’cause I can’t sleep, staring at the ceiling in the dark
and it was hard ’cause I would think of all the feelings from the heart
from the problems I had in school to premature relationships
trying to fit in to be cool and not knowing how fake it is
a front of people judging me being stuck up for nothing
now those same mothaf*ckas, wasting life doing nothing
f*ck popularity, f*ck fame and f*ck attention
f*ck enemies, f*ck backstabbers and f*ck a friendship
that’s a lot f*cks but I could give a f*ck less
my fam by my side, soon we’ll be living success
no doubt in my mind, I got faith in what I do
and what I do it for, with positivity I won’t lose at all

I know it’s hard sometimes but gotta keep the faith
and get through today, everyday’s a new day
to try again or fall, you gotta stand tall
just gotta smile ’cause life itself is worth awhile

(verse 2)
there was a point in my life time, I didn’t wanna be living
and I would just write rhymes, fighting to make a difference
in this sh*t hole I lived in, everyone up in my business
but I should be grateful ’cause there’s more that’s under privileged
and I would just think sh*t, curious if they would miss me
maybe I should just sink ship, pack up and leave the city
I would drink this, pop that, and my stomach would dissolve ’em
I’m thinking my thoughts wack, hoping it would solve the problem
but that made the hole deeper and those flaws wasn’t right at all
do I give up or try again? do I fight or fall?
please help me God, I’m sitting on my knees, hoping for a change
I’m trying to be a better me, I’m coping with the pain
it was a big mistake, drinking and drowning in my sorrows
just get me through today, so I can see a new tomorrow
so I can finally be alive and be resurrected
please take a second, lead me in the right direction

(verse 3)
sometimes I felt like giving up, I would accentuate
I wanna live it up, how did I even get this way?
forget yesterday, I need to keep my head strong
see the better days, please forgive me of my dead wrongs
I know it’s hard sometimes and life’s a rollercoaster
and when it’s dark in your mind, you gotta keep composure
’cause someone cares, you just gotta bring those people closer
don’t get lower, be a soldier ’til it’s all over
all the stress I’ve been through that was hurting me
they’d rather me fall and crawl, what they prefer to see
I’ve had friends turn on me, the past is just a blur to me
some that heard of me, hating and don’t know me personally
but it’s okay, accept me for the fact I’m human
I’m just like you, the difference is I make music
and I do it to inspire people who’ve been told they’re useless
don’t be stupid ’cause you’re better than that and you can prove it

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