The International Youtube Covers Round-Up – 4/29/13

Happy Monday to you all! Even if it’s not, maybe these global covers will help the first day of the workweek go by just a little smoother. We’ve got a pair of songs by Jason Chen & Esna, along with one from Nylon Pink and Inch Chua to round it all out. Those with international tastes just may know a song of two from this round-up, and if so, tell us what you think of these artist’s renditions.

Jason Chen x Kimberley Chen Mash Up “I Love You” by Che’nelle & “Regular Friends” by David Tao

Nylon Pink x Scotty the Kid Remix “Monster” by Big Bang

Esna Yoon Covers “첫사랑 (First Love)” by Donghae of Super Junior

Esna Yoon Sings an English Version of “첫사랑 (First Love)” by Donghae of Super Junior

Inch Chua Covers “淚若雨下” by Ming Bridges

Jason Chen Covers “Marry Me (節省錢 翻唱)” by Jam Hsiao


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