AM Kidd Releases the ‘Six Degrees’ Project

You’ve heard AM Kidd‘s “Heartbreaker” & “Dead Broke” and now you can officially have the rest of the Six Degrees album. The 6 song EP/mini-album aims to share a slightly different side of AMK as he diversifies his sound a little bit. The only feature on this release is Viddy V. Check it out and grab it from Bandcamp.

“Six Degrees” showcases an edgy and upbeat sound from AM Kidd. Reaching outside of the box but never straying too far away from the sound that you’re familiar with from AM Kidd. From the colorful and blaring piano riffs in “Dead Broke” to the cloudy synthesizers in “Mrs. Suicide”, AM Kidd’s productions creates a sound that is new and fresh but still mainstream. The album features a production and hook from Bay Area emcee and song writer Viddy V.

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