Relax With This New MV from Kore Ionz x Prometheus Brown – “First Avenue”

I personally love coming across artists that I haven’t heard before, and the band Kore Ionz is no exception. The Hawaiian group has released the music video for their song “First Avenue” off of World War Free, featuring one of my favorite MCs, Prometheus Brown aka Geo of Blue Scholars. The song may be a couple years old but better late than never right? Plus, I likely may not have heard the single had they not dropped the video.

Produced by Terrence Jeffrey Santos and Kore Ionz
Directed by Jeff Santos and Daniel Pak
Cinematographer: Jeff Santos
Associate Producer: Kizamu Tsutakawa
Production Assistants: Justin Phounsavan and Darien Brown
Hair & Makeup: Clarize Baldoz and Annamarie Joyce Padua

Prometheus Brown
Jessica Hu
Stephen Sumida, Ph.D.
Gail Nomura, Ph.D.

Kore Ionz:
Daniel Pak – lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Ahkeenu Musa – percussion and backing vocals
Teo Shantz – drums
Kiley Sullivan – keyboards and backing vocals
Owuor Arunga – trumpet
Thaddeus Turner – lead guitar
Darian Asplund – tenor sax (originally recorded by Izaak Mills)
Lennox Holness – bass (originally recorded by Brendan DeMelle)

Special Thanks:
‘Ohana Belltown, University of Washington, da808seattle, Stussy Seattle, Kyle Yoshimura, Gerard & Judy Tsutakawa, Woranan Pongsupaht, Greg Garcia, Sarah Nason, Jenna Pak, Megan Solar, Gary Pak, Mark Lutwak, Picha Pinkaow, Dodge Watson, Brent Stone, Riley Davis

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