Melissa Polinar Sings “Broken Cloud”

Melissa Polinar has been a little quiet on Youtube lately though she breaks the silence with this beautiful piano ballad called Broken Cloud. This particular unplugged performance features Will Wells and Adam Hanson. It’s always a pleasure to hear Melissa’s signature raspy vocals. I can only hope an official studio version is released as a single in the near future.

Just a little background, this song was written a few years ago. I wrote it with my good friends Scott Krippayne and Dave Wilson. I’ve always wanted to post this song on YouTube but never came around it because I wanted to record this song nicely and with the right setup – especially since this is with the piano (instead of my usual guitar thing). So after a few years, I FINALLY had the chance to record this song with the help of Will Wells & Adam Hanson! On top of that, we recorded it at Woodshed Studio (Richard Gibbs’ studio) – beautiful place/studio, by the way! Check it out here:

We keep on fanning the flame
and the more it grows I wonder if it’s burning us down
All of these pleasure and pain
It’s gonna take a toll and I don’t know
If I can keep holding my ground
It’s hard to stay but I can’t walk away

Why? tell me why?
Does the sky always seem like it’s falling
We try and we try
But the cloud that we’re on might be broken

Standing so close to the edge
It’s dangerous – could both of be fooling ourselves?
Can’t get you out of my head
My heart is weak, I never sleep
Don’t know if it’s heaven or hell
It’s hard to breathe But it’s not — no it’s not supposed to be

Don’t know how long we can keep holding on
But I wonder sometimes if I can survive when you’re gone

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