Hip-Hop Music Videos Round-Up – 7/7/2013

It’s been a busy couple weeks. And in that time, a number of Hip-Hop music videos have made their way to the public. I go through the lot of them and give my quick, first impression/opinion of each track. The only criteria for this list was that these are original tunes and not remixes. If you’re a rap fan, enjoy. If not, then there really isn’t much for you here in this post!

Manifest x Phil Good – “Rubix Cube”

Pretty dope song. Video isn’t the greatest quality but it’s subtly entertaining. The last minute is particularly goofy/hilarious. Smooth moves, for sure.

Lil Crazed x Tommy C – This 1’s 4 U

It’s poppy, for sure – but this is the bread and butter for these artists and they do continue to do it well. Video quality is sharp but nothing too exciting.

Rek Stizzy – “God Bless America”

Song’s aight. Really not a fan of these type of music videos though – too much gratuitous usage of booty & condiments.

Jay Park – “Triangle Success”

Jay’s improved from his boy band days… but sometimes I think the dude is trying too hard to distance himself from 2PM. Non-eventful studio video. (I know it’s not a full original as Jay just jumped on an open beat, but we’ll count it for now)

Gowe – Castles

If you’re a Gowe fan, you’ll enjoy it. If not, neither the song nor the video will likely change your mind.

Gold Rush Kings – “Sticky Icky”

I can’t relate to the track in the slightest, but overall it ain’t a bad song or visual. Then again, SoCal is a videogenic place to be with anyway. And waddup L. Scatterbrain, where you been?

On Fire Entertainment – “The Anthem”

Standard Hip-Hop street video affair. The song would sound good on the radio… if it were a few years ago.

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