Jin x Dawen Fight Human Trafficking With “Over the Edge”

Jin & Dawen have teamed up together to contribute a track to King Kulture: Stop the Traffic, a compilation album that aims to bring awareness and fight the travesty of human trafficking. Their collaboration is called “Over the Edge”, and although the song itself doesn’t explicitly touch on the topic, it’s inclusion on the album (due August 27th) will help drive sales with proceeds going to the greater cause.

“Over The Edge” is a song that comes from a place of personal experience that hopefully can resonate with listeners who may be dealing with the same issues when feeling overwhelmed by life’s circumstances. MC Jin adds “a big part of my testimony is that through all the setbacks and discouraging turn of events that may have occurred in my life so far, there’s always been someone in the form of an anchor to keep me from drifting into total despair. Be it through family or close friends, God has always shown His presence.”

Source: Rapzilla

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