If You’re a D-Pryde Fan, You Should Watch This Documentary – ‘Proud: The Mod Club’

D-Pryde is in the midst of a tour and he’s shared a small part of the experience with this documentary called Proud: The Mod Club. It’s a perfect way to show how far this artist has come from his early, humble Youtube days. Specifically, they chronicle his show at  his hometown of Toronto. Having a welcome homecoming in your old stomping grounds is always a heart warming experience. They also interview his entourage and family to tell a little bit more of his back story. Gotta give the kid credit where credit is due, he deserves every bit of his success thus far.

This is a short documentary of how my show in Toronto went for #PrizzyTour. This was probably one of the best nights of my life. Let the documentary speak for itself. Special thanks to all the radio stations who participated, the MOD club, Alex Sena for the shirt, 4i Clothing for the support, Jordan, Envy, and Danny for helping me film, and the fans for killing it out there.

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