The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 9/18/13

This week wasn’t as heavy on the number of music video releases, but we still got a handful of clips for you to watch. A couple of these joints are songs we’re hearing for the first time while others can be found on recently released albums by the artists. Let us know if any of these strike your fancy!

J. Reyez – “Cookin’ Up”

At first glance, this seems like your standard indie Hip-Hop video, but it’s just got enough style and international footage to make it interesting. Plus it fits the vibe of the playful track. Solid drop from JR; off his Make It Happen EP.

Steve Aoki x Linkin Park – “A Light That Never Comes”

OK, yes, this is technically a lyric video, but it’s ostentatious enough that we’re gonna include it, especially since MV releases were a bit thin in quantity this week. It’s got some interesting visuals to keep you interested. As for the song? Im def feelin’ it. The two acts blend together well.

Rekstizzy x Lil Fame – “Come At Me Bro”

Mostly standard street video with flourishes of Rekstizzy’s off-kilter humor. I still can’t say his style has fully won me over but I know the guy has his fans. What’s most notable about this Whatever You Say joint is the guest feature from M.O.P.’s Lil Fame.

Malea – “Running In the Desert”

This was a surprisingly vide for a number of reasons. The use of CGI was unexpected, even if it is 2006 Wii quality. That being said, Malea & co could have done a lot more with this video for the Prism single – it had intriguing potential but ended up being a bit too hackneyed. The song ain’t that bad of a tune, though.

AM Kidd – “Tell Me That You’ll Be Good”

This is another video that is more of a glorified lyric video. But you know what? It works. It’s a great way to promote the song without having to go all out on the production values and still serve a dedicated purpose. This is one of AM’s more dynamic joints in a while.

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