The Genre Flip Youtube Covers Round-Up – 9/23/13

It’s been a while since we had round-up of cover videos, so we aim to address that with today’s post. This time around, we have a batch of songs that have been altered enough from their originals to be considered a completely different genre. In a number of the following cases, the argument could be made that it’s just as good if not better in the new format. And if there is one video in particular I feel I should point out, it’s the first one by Sherilyn Yi. That girl does a near-perfect switchup cover to Ariana Grande’s “The Way”. I really like the original but i LOVE Sherilyn’s rendition. It’s a perfect example of how you don’t necessarily need high production values to do it well.

Sherilyn Yi Covers “The Way” by Ariana Grande

Jason Yang x John Schroeder Cover a Medley of Daft Punk Songs

Dia Frampton & Company Cover “Same Love” by Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

Clara C (F?) x Madilyn Bailey Cover “Clarity” by Zedd x Foxes

Connie Lim Covers “Clarity” by Zedd x Foxes

Jason Chen x Ken Belcher Cover “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke

KRNFX x Maiko Watson x Ian Blackwood Cover “O Canada”

Paul Dateh x David Wong Cover “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

New Heights Cover “Wake Me Up” by Avicii x Aloe Blacc

Kawehi Covers “California Love” by 2Pac

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