The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 9/26/13

Yea, this “mid-week” review is a day late, so sue us. Actually no, don’t sue us. We’re broke. BUT I promise you it’s worth the wait. We have an epic comeback from the OG’s of the scene, and a few change-of-pace-songs to give some of your favorite artists a little more variety in their repertoire.

Chops x Mountain Brothers x Ann One – “Keep On”

If you can only watch one music video in this list, make it this one. Why? Simply because musically, this is the significant drop of the group. The friggin’ Mountain Brothers have reunited for this one! What more needs to be said? Even Chops himself spits a verse! Oh and Ann One brings that soulful vocal for the hook. It’s all decidedly old-school and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The veterans still got it.

AMP – “Better”

Song wise, it’s one of their stronger singles in a while, at least from a Hip-Hop standpoint. You can hear this track off their recent The Transition EP. The video concept is interesting but didn’t quite live up to it’s potential in execution. Def feelin’ the track though.

Kawehi – “A Pig’s Flight”

It just dawned upon me… Kawehi’s voice has freakishly similar qualities to Merril Bainbridge. Tell me they don’t sound alike! But anyway, I’m loving her new song and video. It ain’t complicated and doesn’t need to be. Sometimes you just need to dance in a pig suit in the middle of a field, am-I-right?

Dumbfoundead – “Brooklyn for a Month”

This just may be the the chillest cut that DFD has ever dropped. The song & video is inspired by his month-long stay in Brooklyn. That being said, everything is low-key, laid back, and simple. It works better for the song than the video, which lost my interest after a minute or so. Oh, and Awkwafina has a cameo.

Wanting – “Love Ocean”

Wanting’s latest single. She chose to stick to Chinese for this one and it doesn’t stray far from her usual acoustic-driven ballad style. The video is scenic with some notable cinematography, and the song ain’t bad at all. Of course, that’s completely contingent upon whether you like this style of music or not.

Lil Crazed – “Girls Gone Wild”

Cars, Girls, Clubs, Alcohol – Basically a Fast and Furious music video set to a Lil Crazed joint from To Whom It May Concern. You should already know what to expect.

Andrew Huang dropped several videos recently. They are all dub-step, two are from Droop and all are unconventional and trippy. In other words, business as usual for Mr. Huang.


“Noon K.O.”

“Dubstep Beethoven”

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