The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 10/2/13

Wow, it’s already the first week of October… Anyway we’re back with another set of music videos that have dropped in the past week or so. Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Dance, and Electro-Pop are all represented. See if there’s anything in this batch that is too your liking!

Andy Suzuki & the Method – “Keep Me Running”

A. Suzuiki & the Method quietly released this new video for the Born Out of Mischief single. Stylistically, I’m diggin’ the use of textography and time-lapse footage to tell the story. This may fly under the radar of many, but it’s one of the better videos I’ve seen in a while.

Clara C – “Nayelli”

Clara C partners with World Vision for her latest song, “Nayelli”. The track is from her brand new acoustic album, Organika. Being acoustic, the song takes on a gentler, more subtle approach that sounds great. The video is crisp but a bit uneventful – although Clara looks great. But most importantly, she encourages you to partner with World VIsion too and help sponsor a child in need.

Hopie – “Love Song”

This serves as the next single off of Suger Water. Hopie never truly goes the conventional route, and this video uses a B/W color scheme along with a lot of night scenes for a visually interesting video though it’s a bit heavy on the recreational drug imagery. Oh, and Ruby Ibarra makes a cameo.

Alexander Spit – “Eleanor 60”

The day Alexander Spit drops a typical video is the day I’m at a loss for words. This one doesn’t even contain video footage of all, instead he uses a quick montage of photos to propel his MV. Yet somehow, it retains just as much appeal as many other videos – not bad.

Poreotics – “Poreotics Kombat”

Part music video, part promotional material, all silly but well choreographed fun. Poreotics return with their signature group dance moves to battle… themselves. Pretty cool.

Gunnarolla – “Jordan”

I’m not even sure what to say. It’s a fun song though.

Gunnarolla – “Triangle Foods”

And same goes for this one. Now I want a Samosa.

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