The “Hold On, We’re Going Home” Covers Round-Up – 10/17/13

I know that it’s been a long, long time since our last showdown, and at first I was reserving the covers of this song for that feature but I didn’t realize we had 12 renditions to share! So instead, I’ve compiled all of these Drake remixes and covers into this tidy little round-up for you to listen to and not have to worry about voting for your favorite. The song is catchy for sure, but after hearing it 12 times in a row tonight, I think I’m ready to lay off of it for a while. But to add some semblance of order to the madness, I’ve roughly ordered them from my most to least favorite. Keyword: roughly.

Anthony Lee x Pat Cruz & Friends

New Heights x Ally Maki

Paul Kim x Z. Woods

Jian Choo x Nicholas Yee

Cilla Chan x Howard Chan

April Nhem

Jordan Lorenzo

Rocky Sandoval

Ryan Mitchell Grey

Jayne Rio

Jason Chen


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