The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 11/13/13

Wow! It was another big week for music videos as we have 13 to share with you today. And better yet, it was a fairly strong showing overall with a number of very solid visual releases to accompany your music. It would behoove you to take a gander and make your way through this list, there are some great videos to find, for sure.

HeeSun Lee x MC Jin – “I Break Stereotypes”

HeeSun & Jin on the same track? Let’s just say I came in with high hopes. And well, let’s just say I did not walk away disappointed. And I haven’t heard Jin sound this hungry since he was on 106 & Park! Two MCs that push each other to kill it on one track? I’m on board with that. Well played, this was our biggest pleasant surprise of the week.

Andrew Huang – “The Coldest Darkness”

Whoa. This just may be the eeriest video Andrew Huang has ever dropped. I’m most impressed in how effective his use of the simple color scheme. His upcoming album shares the title of this track, and this is a positive indicator of things to come.

Jazmin – “You”

All I have to say is it’s about time for this sisterly quartet to start making some big moves. It’s been a number of years since we first heard about the group but they seemed to fall out of the spotlight for a while. Well, this ain’t a bad way to step back into it. “You” is off their just released 90’s Baby EP.

Kawehi – “I’d Never Tell”

I never know what to expect from Kawehi, and I love that about her. She takes her alternative indie-pop and sets it to a trippy cyber-punk-esque type of video. I’m diggin it overall, even if the effects aren’t quite perfect. Leave it to Kawehi to always keep it interesting!

Jhene Aiko – “The Worst”

Jhene Aiko & Def Jam have pushed out another visual, this one being for “The Worst”. It takes on a much darker tone than her last video, making for a cool change of pace for Jhene. She’s got quite the buzz going for her right now, let’s hope it translates to solid soon-to-be album sales figures for Sail Out.

Megan Lee – Pepero Song

Megan Lee is getting to the point where she’s starting to outgrow her childish charm, but glimpses of it returns with this cutesy song celebrating the Korean “holiday” known as Pepero Day. It prob won’t have you hitting repeat over and over, but it has some sugary appeal.

Mike Song x Anthony Lee – Vocal Dancing Pt 2

Who says you need music to dance? Mike Song & Anthony Lee don’t and they’ve proven it again. If you dig a little humor with your movement, this is the video to check out. If their brand of coordinated chuckles ain’t for you, move on to the next.

Gunnarolla – “The Ballad of Rob Ford”

For the uninformed, just google “Rob Fod” and read up about him. Once you do, this song will become exponentially more entertaining. It may be very satirical and current-event dependent, but for right now, it serves it’s purpose well.

Bambu – “Walk on the Sun”

Bam ain’t afraid to show his independent, underground Hip-Hop roots. When’s the last time you see an emcee rap on a ferry? It’s a dope track but I just wish he had given us a little more to watch! This was in promotion for his Sun of a Gun project.

Tony T Nguyen x Thuy-Linda Nguyen – “Tinh Mot Nha”

I know virtually zero Vietnamese, but I found this song to still be subtly moving. I guess that’s the beauty of music, huh? Tony T jumps in on an international collaboration with Norway’s Thuy-Linda Nguyen. They make a pretty good team, if you ask me.

Dreamz – “Let Go”

The bromance between both these guys is immeasurable. If this music video for “Let Go” by their project group, Dreamz is undeniable proof of that. The two of them certainly have a penchant for crafting sneakily catchy music and making it look easy in the process.

Malea – “Rainbow Girl” (Papercha$er Remix)

This single from Malea’s Prism album translates surprisingly well into the dance/EDM format. It’s a pretty well done switch-up to the original country-rock-ish sound of the original. Though I’m not as enthused with the epileptic educing video. Reminded me of a glorified Windows Media Player visualization.

Steve Aoki x Linkin Park – “A Light That Never Comes”

Steve Aoki & Linkin Park haven’t strayed too far from the original promo video for this song, sticking with a futuristic techy vibe for their music video to their joint single from Recharged. It’s heavy on the CGI and you don’t see a whole lot of the artists save for some superimposed images. But then again, it fits the song quite well.


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