8 Songs to Stream to Better Your Tuesday Evening

Hello faithful readers. I decided to keep tonight’s post strictly music focused and bring you a few songs that can’t quite be owned just yet, but you can still enjoy through the magic of the information superhighway. That’s right, folks. Put that broadband connection to good use because not too long ago, streaming music online wasn’t a practical option for the most of us. God forbid you’d get a phonecall in the midst of it all.

Johnnyphlo – “S.T.A.Y. Pt. III” ft See One

Phlo’s Still Thinkin’ About You series has been a highlight of his discography over the years, and thankfully that trend continues. He always seems right at home mixing Hip-Hop with a touch of R&B, and that formula proves to work for him again with the third entry in the series.

Dia Frampton (featuring for The Crystal Method) – “Over It”

We’ve heard folk/pop artists collaborate with EDM artists before, and it’s worked wonders in the past. “Over It” sees Dia joining The Crystal Method for what may be the most frenetic track you’ve ever heard Dia’s voice on. It took a couple listens, but I’m liking it.

Jesse Barrera x Grace – “Make It Last (Giddiots)”

JB and his significant other, Grace, wrote this song as a gift to their recently married friends, Leejay & Krystal Abucayan. It’s both goofy and heart-warming at the same time – a perfect sentiment for any wedding present. I hope this gets released as an official single!


AM Kidd – “Twisted”

Knowing AM Kidd, I imagine this will make it’s way onto one of his future projects. And that’s a good thing since I thought this was a pretty solid track all around. In particular, I’m liking the slight distortion effect used on the instrumentation. It adds some good texture to the tune.

Jeff Bernat x Dumbfoundead – “Workflow”
This cut is from Bernat’s upcoming Modern Renaissance album. His laid back vocal stylings are a perfect landing point for DFD’s trademark chill flow. This isn’t one of those tracks that jump out at you, but has sleeper potential, for sure.

The Yellow Boyz – “Day In Day Out” ft Lyricks x Sickboi

There’s a lot of talent on this track, but not being able to relate to the song largely negates any appeal it may have to me. That being said, at least on a technical level, Lyricks & Sickboi made a strong showing as the guest features.

Mark Agustin x Oliver Sangalang – “Save Me”

MA uses the song to speak on his experiences with the children of Angeles City who are living in poverty. From a content perspective, I respect his heart for the kids and the social cause. The song ain’t half bad either although I have some mixed feelings on the singer for the hook.

TOKiMONSTA – “Garlic Hearts”
This joint is something that was left out of TOKi’s Half Shadows project. I’m not completely sure why it didn’t make the final cut but it’s a cool ambient track that doesn’t stray too far from her usual product.

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