Tessanne Chin Lands in the Top 6 of The Voice

OK, America. That was kind of close. But long story short, our favorite contestant on this season of The Voice, Tessanne Chin, has been saved by your votes and lives to sing another week. But I’m beginning to see a troubling trend where she’s making less of a splash with the public. I’ve seen it happen on TV singing competitions many times where a fantastic vocalist loses the interest of the the voters because they are too consistently good. There’s less drama and unfortunately it makes them a little forgettable… and it raises a challenge where every performance has to be a homerun.

I’m diggin’ her rendition of Gwen Stafani’s “Underneath It All”, and it was a natural fit for the island girl, but I can see how it lacked a glory note moment – which matters far too much on TV. But we can breathe and rest easy for at least one more week.

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