The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 12/26/13

We hope everyone is having a great holiday season! That being said, we didn’t want to leave you without the weekly music video review round-up, so I’ll keep this short. Enjoy the time with loved ones and maybe some of these music videos can add some A/V entertainment into the mix!

Lions Ambition – “Believe”

LA is one of those groups we wish we could see and hear from more. But what they don’t have in quantity they seem to be making up for in quality. Walking Dead meets alternative rap/rock? I can dig it. Sure, it’s a little campy, but it’s fitting if you ask me.

Adrian Per & AR|2 – “The Heist”

Adrian Per shows his diverse musical talents with his DJ/EDM group, AR|2. As a listen, it’s a pretty polished track with some catchy bass synth lines. As a music video, it’s more of an an excuse to watch attractive but impractically scantily clad models somehow pull off a number of crimes.

Jessi Malay – “Here I Am”

Jessi goes in a more personal route for her latest single, opting to reflect on her career path and it’s ups and downs. For those that aren’t as familiar with her singing trajectory, this offers some insight to her musical past. The disco ball scenes seem a bit self-indulgent but otherwise I can appreciate this video.

Jason Chen – “Miracle”

It’s basically a rom-com set to a holiday theme. I guess that makes it Love Actually, the music video. So it’s good pop material for the times. Is it an instant classic? No, but it’s a decent listen & watch.

Dawen – “酸雨 (Acid Rain)”

Dawen promotes another song off his new international EP. He claims that this is his favorite track from the project and that it points back to his domestic indie days (American Me). The video is dark and moody and complete with rain – a bit typical but still well done.

Megan Lee – “Christmas List”

Megan has been making steady moves since her transition to Korea and has dropped this little holiday gem. The music video is just a glorified staged OTS, but the R&B stylings to this Christmas flavored song is a nice combination.


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