A “Gangnam Style”/Linkin Park Mash-Up Album Exists – And It Ain’t Bad

13 years ago, Linkin Park made a huge name for themselves with the release of the Hybrid Theory album. Last year, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was inescapable for months making him one of the most watched Youtube videos in history. There isn’t much of a connection between the two but RosalinaSama & Triple-Q thought it would be fitting to re-create the entire Linkin Park LP with cuts from Psy’s mega hit. Bizarre? Yes. Interesting? You bet. Any good? Surprisingly, it’s not terrible. Does it have any value outside of being a ridiculous yet awesome novelty listen? Probably not but I’ll let you decide.

Grab the entire album, here, You can listen to the entire playlist via Youtube.

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