The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 01/01/14

Happy Friggin’ New Year, dear friends. I can’t believe it’s 2014! But as time keeps chuggin’ along, so does the music and we wouldn’t want you to fall too far behind on the activity. So on this great first day of a brand new year, we bring you the latest batch of music videos to hit the Youtube web-waves over the course of the past week. Have a great evening and beginning to 2014!

Timothy Flu – “Move On”

Flu makes his return with a nostalgia-tinged song & video. It’s got that old, soulful boom-bap type of sound while the video looks like something ripped straight off a VHS from the YO! MTV raps archive. It may not be the prettiest thing to look at but I can appreciate the stylistic direction of the aesthetic.

Gunnarolla – “No Regrets”

To celebrate a big year, Gunnarolla has made this video to summarize his adventures in music all across the world. Thankfully he’s big in capturing his moments in life, so there’s plenty of footage here to give you a peek of his journey. We’re glad he was able to enjoy the year and share some of the excitement with us.

AM Kidd – “I Got It”

The Kidd is back to promote the latest off Worth the Wait. We’ve been encouraging him to step away from the keyboard for a moment and step into something a little more hard hitting. And he went ahead and did it. It’s not instant classic material, but it’s a refreshing change of pace for AM, even if it sounds like a remix to “Beamer, Benz or Bentley“.

Azure – “Psychedelic”

We can always count on Azure to tone things back and keep everything on a chill vibe. Over the past couple years, he only seems to get more polished and settled into his own lane. The new music video for “Psychadelic” is a clean watch although it follows a fairly typical blueprint for the format.

Jessi Malay – “Last Night on Earth”

To commemorate the end of the year and arrival of 2014, Jessi Malay has come back to her Dance/Pop roots with this club-friendly song. Which of course means you can expect a catchy beat with a repetitive hook. The video is the more enjoyable part of the duo, as Malay & company appeared to have a lot of fun making it. Thankfully the energy translates well over to the audience as well.

D-Pryde x The Flan x Devon Tracy – “GTA”

D-Pryde decided to rep his town with the help of The Flan & Devon Tracy on this track. The video isn’t of the highest quality production values, but it uses good editing decisions to make the most of it. Pryde & friends make a good team, and I think you’d appreciate adding this song to your collection.


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