Us Featured on Business Insider

You’re gonna have to file this one under unexpected-but-not-unwelcomed news. Carissa Rae and her husband Michael Alvarado, collectively known as Us, were featured today on a post on It’s a very short article but it’s focused on the duo and their penchant for singing (super) quick covers and posting them to their Vine account. I have to admit, I’m not extremely active on the social network, but they are indeed one of the few reasons I will check in on it once in a while. It’s a pretty cool dash of exposure if you ask me. Now you too heard it through the… great… vine… get it? … Sorry.

YouTube has always been filled with covers of songs. In fact, there are a few household celebrity names we know today who got their start on YouTube (like Justin Bieber).

Then there’s Vine, which only allows you to cap a measly 7 seconds of footage before it goes into a looping stream. It may not seem like the most obvious platform for budding musicians to showcase their work.

But it worked for the Alvarados, who go by UsTheDuo on Vine.

Michael and Carrisa Alvarado have amassed over 1.5 million followers on Vine, where they post 7-second clips of a cappella versions of songs we all know.

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