Snapshot: Monkey Business with Meg Frampton

Meg x Monkey
Meg Frampton, the perhaps lesser known but as equally talented and beautiful sister to Dia Frampton, shared the above picture of her and a monkey; in all it’s unscripted and hilarious glory. So what’s happening here? Well the sisters and band were on tour in Southeast Asia, where there travels brought them to the Sacred Monkey Forest. Long story short, hilarity ensued and was captured on film flash memory.

When Dia mentioned going to The Sacred Monkey Forest, I grudgingly agreed. I knew The Sacred Monkey Forest would be just a bunch of monkeys, but I reasoned we could ask some people who worked there if they knew where our hotel was. Well, nobody had any idea where the hotel was, but this happened!

She’s a great sport for sharing the picture but you can read more about their exploits over at her blog!

Say Cheese!

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