The End-of-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 2/7/14

OK, we skipped a week of Music Video reviews, but we’re back with a vengeance and better than ever. Fine, not really but to be honest the last couple weeks were a little light on release schedule so even with the delay we only have 7 to share with you today. But there are a couple of dope videos in the mix so if you’ve got the time, go ahead and peruse the selection.

Rocky Rivera – “Ain’t No Way”

I’ve come to always expect solid releases from Rocky, and I’m happy to say this one doesn’t give me any reason to think otherwise. Her nostalgia-tinged music video keeps things light-hearted and enjoyable, just as it should be. I’m definitely feeling this Gangster of Love track.

Bambu x Snayk Eyez – “Militant Greetings, Bobby”

At first glance, one might think Bambu’s latest video is more simplistic than it really is. But if you pay attention, he and his team make smart use of captions and hand gestures to get some layered messages across. It’s a bit subtle, but worth checking out a little closer.

Maribelle Anes – “Trapped”

These acoustic sessions are really giving Ms. Anes an opportunity ti shine vocally. The video isn’t really much to look at but leave this one on in the background cause it’s a great listen from start to finish.

Jason Chu – “free”

The artist formerly known as Grandmaster Chu has a new album coming out, Millennial, and this is the first track to promote it. It’s got some lighting issues though it serves it’s purpose as a promo visual for his upcoming project. The song is a decently strong tune too.

Jae Jin – “All Caught Up”

I’m not sure I’d classify this as a music video, but the artist did as such so we’ve gone ahead and included it here. The song is a smooth listen and plays to Jae Jin’s acoustic R&B strengths. The video is a underwhelming and disjointed and serves as more of a visualization. Looking forward to a polished version of the track though.

Sam Tsui – “Make It Up”

Sam pays a great homage to his fans by making this compilation music video of their covers of his song “Make It Up”. It doesn’t quite fit perfectly, and certainly can’t hold a candle to the original, but it’s a fun project that brings people together through music.

Trin Monsta – “Stop Wait Look Listen”

Whoa, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from TM. He went for a more special effects laden approach for this one, which makes for an interesting change of pace though it wore thin by the end. Didn’t hate or love this one.


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