Snapshot: Girls’ Generation x Bill Murray

Girl’s Generation x Bill Murray
This picture ain’t new, but I saw it for the first time today. Remember back in 2012 when Girls’ Generation debuted in the US and was pushing their new single, “The Boys“? Well apparently backstage of the Letterman Show during their promotional blitz, this photo was snapped with the one and only Bill Murray… and it looks like he’s loving life.

It reminds me of the one time I was at work talking (somewhat enthusiastically) to my coworker (Korean American) about SNSD. A Caucasian coworker overheard us and inquired about the subject of our passionate discussion. We explained in brief and promised to send him a few Youtube links. Later that day, he walks by our desks with a huge grin and said “Thank you so much for sharing this with me”. It was an odd, slightly creepy, but acknowledged moment of understanding.

True story.

Say Cheese!

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