‘aka DAN: A Korean Adoption Documentary Story’ Is Now Available to Watch – And You Should

This is the kind of story you just don’t come across too often. And it’s almost one of those things you couldn’t write if you tried! DANakaDAN has quite the interesting background, having been adopted at a young age. He grew up in happy in his new household, completely separated and without contact from his birth family. But like any person curious about their past and heritage, he decided to look things up and see what happens. This documentary takes us on the journey with him… and it’s worth the watch. Thank you, Dan & ISA TV and everyone involved for sharing this with us.

This original documentary series follows adoptee musician Dan’s incredible journey to Korea to find not only his biological family but also himself. A story of identity, family, and love, the documentary also features many special guest appearances.

In this episode, Dan Matthews makes the discovery of a lifetime when he finds out he’s been reconnected with his biological family, including a twin brother he’s never known about. Follow Dan and his mother Lynne, as they prepare for his trip to Korea.

Dan arrives in Korea the day before he’s about to meet his biological family. He registers for the International Korean Adoptee Association conference and is immediately whisked off to the countryside to bond with adoptees from all over the world, discovering what it means to be Korean at Membership Training.

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