Required Reading: The Ongoing Portrayal of Asian-American Characters on “Glee”

So we’re starting a new section here on a-Tunes that will highlight articles and posts found elsewhere online and we consider to be must-reads. Our first such feature is this piece by Lauren Lola, written for Kollaboration, tackling the issue of how two primary characters of Asian-American background are portrayed in a limited fashion on the hit series, Glee.

Here’s an excerpt.

With an obvious shortage of Asian-American talents in mainstream media and their roles being molded into Hollywood stereotypes, it is refreshing to see Glee feature two non-stereotypical Asian American main characters. However, despite Tina and Mike’s unique quirks, the two never fail to reference their race and say the word “Asian” in almost every episode. As a couple, Tina and Mike were both counselors at “Asian camp” and share “Asian kisses” – we kid you not, they actually call it that. And when their relationship dives, where do they turn to? Asian couples therapy!

Not to mention, there seems to be a lack of original and substantial plots for Glee’s Asian-American cast members.

Do yourself a favor and check out the rest. It doesn’t dive tremendously deep into the issue but I appreciate how the author can acknowledge progress but isn’t willing to settle for it just yet.

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