The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 3/20/14

After a few weeks of being slightly off schedule, we’re back to our mid-week routine. This week’s crop of music videos lean a little more energetic in either tempo, style or both. Of course there is an exception or two in the batch but otherwise you’ll find some hard hitting Hip-Hop tracks along with an EDM joint thrown in for good measure.

Newko x Mr Sicc x Devolo x Mr Tyfoon x Vovo x Tha Movement x Shogunna – “I Am”

]This was kind of a pleasant surprise. I’ve never heard of Newko or any of these artists except for Sho (and Tyfoon, whom I haven’t heard from in YEARS). The video is sharp quality, especially for a street video – but this is one of those big posse cuts that end up being full of energy and a bunch of hungry artists who want to outshine each other. That kind of group competition is refreshing. But perhaps most of all, I’m just glad to see Shogunna come out of hiding again.

AR|2 – “Hammertime”

For those that need a refresher, AR|2 is the side project for Adrian Per and a couple other producers, namely DJ Rodd & Rollinbeatz. The video is comprised of the requisite lights, quick cuts, and montage club footage though that doesn’t take away from an otherwise decent EDM track (which you can get for free, btw).

Andrew Huang – “Climate Change”

This is another releaese from Huang’s latest, Winter. The acoustic ballad doesn’t attempt to be fancy or stretch beyond what it is – a fine, swelling ballad  of which the likes we don’t hear very often anymore. The vid is comprised of clips representing different layers of sound – which is always interesting though hardly groundbreaking anymore.

The Bar – “Barkada”

The latest visual from the Bar is for the title track from their new album. The release hits all the right thematic notes with a funky beat and busy video reminiscent of the days when MTV used to play music videos. There are so many minor details to appreciate, and the fact that I’m watching the feed on CRTs is a nice, old-school touch.

Malea – “Give” (Baggi Begovic Remix)

Male seems content to pass her songs over to other producers to let them put their own spin on it. This remix is of “Give”, which the original version can be heard on the album, Prism. Elements of the video feel like an old Alanis Morissete or Dave Mathews video, mixed in with some contemporary dance… which makes for a peculiar combination.

Jackie Chain x Rittz – “Trippin'”

One aspect of Southern Hip-Hop that I often appreciate is the predilection to mix soulful beats with rapid fire flows. Chain chose to go this route for “Trippin'” and I like it more than when I first heard it last year. That being said, the video is aptly edited and filled with usual rap video T&A and scenes – which ultimately failed to keep my attention for very long.


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