Congratulate ‘Us’ On Their New Deal With Republic Records!

Well, this certainly ain’t your Father’s path to stardom. Heck, it may not even be your older brother’s! In this ever-changing world of digital media and social interaction, we continually have new ways to access, experience and interact with some of our favorite artists. One such act that hasn’t been afraid to experiment with a new medium has been the duo of Carissa Rae and Michael Alvarado, aka Us.

They’ve steadily grown a buzz via “conventional” new-age media like Youtube and Twitter, but it’s been with the micro-video-sharing-service Vine where things have really taken off for them. And guess what they were able to accomplish with all their momentum?

A record deal. That’s right, according to Billboard, as of a few days ago they are official signees of Republic Records. They are now labelmates with other big up-and-comers, Somo, Austin Mahone and The Chainsmokers – filling out a budding stable of hot new artists. THe label is already at work at re-releasing their recent album, No Matter Where You Are, along with a new video and some bonus content too.

It’s amazing to think how powerful just 6 seconds of video can be nowadays.

Congratulations Carissa and Michael, this is a well deserved landmark for you two!

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