Is Traphik Now on the Disney Payroll?


Last year, it was announced that Traphik aka Timothy De La Ghetto had signed on board with Maker Studios. Since that time, he’s debuted his own show, All In, on the online content network, and has steadily made moves elsewhere as well. But a couple days ago, it was announced that Maker Studios has been acquired by Disney for a pretty 500 Million. This value could rise to a whopping 950 Million if certain incentives/milestones are met.

Now I don’t know the details behind Traphik’s contract with the content creation studio, nor do I know what, if any changes are going to be made now that MS is a Disney owned business. But we can only hope Traphik remains on board and that this will only serve as a huge infusion of resources for the budding actor/comedian/musician.

Cause we all know that Mickey Mouse has got some deep pockets; I’m sure the two of them can get real tight, real fast.

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