The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 4/23/14

Priscilla Ahn – “Remember How I Broke Your Heart”

Deliberately paced, full of heartache, and subtle yet rustic imagery make for a strong new music video from Priscilla. This is in promotion of the latest single from her new album, This is Where We Are. Don’t forget, she’s starting up a mini tour, so check her out live too if she’s in your area.

Alfa – “War”

Alfa x ISATV apparently make for a pretty decent combo as they share this humorous but relatable spin on the theme of love and war. If only all our battles of emotional turmoil could be executed in such a definitive fashion that manages the collateral damage. World Go Blue is already over a year old, but I’m glad she hasn’t finished pushing the project just yet.

Bambu x Killer Mike – “Upset the Setup”

Couple years back, Bam dropped his project One Rifle Per Family. He’s had other releases since then, but when you have the opportunity to get Killer Mike to participate in the video, you don’t let that go by. All things said, it’s not a perfect video – but it’s usage of media and determined performances from the MCs put together a meaningful message – whether you agree with it or not.

Hana Kim – “Veil” (Demo)

The more we see and hear from Hana Kim, the more we come away impressed. Her latest is a demo called “Veil” and although it remains without the final studio mastering, therein lies it’s homegrown charm and sonic texture. Visuals are simple but definitely serviceable.

Young A x JimmyBoi – “I Got It On”

Generic. Don’t really have much else to say. JimmyBoi definitely had the stronger verse.

Jihae – “Illusion of You”

I’m gonna file this one under intriguing yet creepy. Interesting from a visual/artistic perspective though it ain’t exactly an active video. For what it’s worth, I mostly enjoyed it.


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