a-Tunes News: Day 2191 – They Suspect Nothing

Holy cow. Today marks 6 years since this humble little blog was started. If it were a child, it’d be officially in Elementary school by now. By the way, I have no idea who those kids are in the picture, I just found it online and found it humorous. a-Tunes.net has had it’s ups and downs throughout the years, but at the end of it all, the goal is still the same. We’re still all about supporting, critiquing, showcasing, and loving music created by Asian-American (also, generally English speaking) artists – whether domestically or abroad.

Last year, we told you that we’d be going through a content shift – both in tone and in style. That continues with this year only we decided to grow up a little bit. We’ve branched out and finally made the move to our own host, giving us a little bit more freedom in how we share and display information to you. Plus we’ve got a fancy (not really) new layout for you! Yea, we’re putting on our big kid pants on now. Of course this has resulted in some minor down time and a lull in content, but we’ve got most of the kinks worked out and things should begin to get back up to speed.

But as is done every year, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being a part of this site – whether voluntarily or not. Thank you to those that have written and contributed to a-Tunes in both the present and past. Thank you to the artists who have taken time to participate in interviews and join in on discussions, both private and public. And lastly, thank you to the readers who have remained loyal both to the site and more importantly, to the music community.

Here’s to year 6 being the best one yet!


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