Required Reading: How Miss Info Became Hip-Hop’s Ultimate Insider

Personally, I’ve grown weary of Buzzfeed and their penchant for rampant clickbaiting headlines and redundant dips into nostalgia… but occasionally they’ll put together an article or two that really draws me in and provides me with some solid reading material.

They recently did a piece on Minya Oh, better known to most as Miss Info. Though she’s no musician, she’s so deeply entrenched in that world as a journalist, blogger, and media personality that her contributions are undeniable and her presence nearly ubiquitous, especially among Hip-Hop circles. Buzzfeed’s profile on Oh is one of the most thorough articles I’ve come across of her, chronicling her beginnings in media and her uphill rise to the position she’s at now – as the unofficial queen of information regarding Hip-Hop.

It’s a great post and highly recommended. So put on your reading glasses and educate yourself on Oh, Minya.


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