What Traphik Does For His Family Is the Most Heart-Warming Thing You’ll See All Week

Say what you want about Traphik aka Mr. Timothy De La Ghetto, but if there’s anything he’s done a good job of over the years, it’s appearing genuine. Now I don’t know the guy personally, but sometimes you can just tell when a guy is just a good dude – and this video reinforces my belief all the more.

Traphik has seen a fair amount of shine over the past few years, and it looks like he’s taken his blessings seriously and looks to pay it forward. How? By using his money to pay off the rest of the mortgage on his parent’s house. Now, we have no idea just how much that is – but I guess it doesn’t matter because his family is touched all the same.

Mad respect, Tim. It’s good to know you still know how to take care of what’s most important.

But his dad never fails to crack me up. “And then… now what about the grand children?” HAHAHA

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