Jin x J. Reyez x Jargon x Lil Crazed x Rob Campman Join Together for an All Asian-American Cypher

If you’ve been following this blog, you should know by now I like to keep my Hip-Hop simple. All the glitz and polish of them fancy videos, all the abundance of alcohol and pretty girls, they mean little to me if the bars aren’t there. So if you subtract all the former and only leave me with the later, I’m more than a happy camper. And guess what? That’s exactly what we have here, with the “A Train Cypher”. A couple vets in the form of Jin and the artists formerly known as Southstar, Rob Campman, are joined by some of the newer(ish) heads via J. Reyez, Jargon and Lil Crazed. Screw a hook, they just go in with a verse a piece and I’m liking what I hear. It’s a good reminder that these dudes got some skills to back up their sheen – cause I almost forgot that in a couple of cases. We need more of this.

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