Baiyu (Briefly) Appears on Bravo’s ‘The Singles Project’



Look, I’ll be honest with you. I’m a cord cutter. I don’t have cable TV in my home and I depend on Netflix and Crackle and Youtube and Hulu, etc. I even use my Pop’s FIOS login info to stream ESPN. So I don’t know much about Bravo or their entertainment offerings but when one of our artists grace’s the the national stage, I take notice.

Baiyu (aka Sara), was recently on a segment of The Singles Project, a reality TV dating show that also heavily encourages social media interaction with the fans and viewers. She was in a speed dating segment with one of the main cast members, Brian, and although the entire clip didn’t air, you can view the unseen footage online.

Baiyu seemed to do the best out of the bunch, but Brian didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea to begin with. Seemed like a pretty cool experience overall!

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