The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 10/30/14 – Acoustic Dudes Edition

Hello, world. We’re here at the last week of October and although we’re a day late we didn’t want to leave you without some videos to get you through the rest of it. The theme this time around is acoustic male artists. Well, mostly acoustic anyway. So these songs are sometimes one-time-takes, and sometimes they are just studio versions of acoustic tracks but either way it’s a little light on the production but heavy on the essence of the song. It’s a nice switch-up if you ask me.

Dawen x – “慢半拍 (Slow Half Beat)”

+Dawen’s catchiest tune in a while
-The dinner table scene is cute but not quite interesting enough to carry a whole video

Z. Woods – “You”

+Uh… this dude can SANG
-50% of the clip was a closeup of his ‘stache

Sam Tsui x Friends – “Story”

+Great acoustic rendition of the song
-I know they are a sponsor but the footage from the Canon Vixia mini really isn’t too impressive

AM Kidd  x Jeffrey L – “Out of My Way”

+Great Jazzy Bounce
-Jeffrey L is smooth but dull

Justin Nozuka – “Sweet Lover”

+The scenery is gorgeous
-I have mixed feelings about the ethereal direction Justin went with this one

Kevin Kaho Tsui – “大埔 (Tai Po)”

+Great use of timelapse footage
-Something about the typography didn’t quite fit

Jason Chen – “Permanent”

+I think I may prefer JC’s voice without the squaeky clean studio sheen
-Why was the guitarist hidden?


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