TOKiMONSTA Producing For Kelly Rowland On Her Next Album



OK, the internet may love Beyonce but Kelly Rowland is definitely a very talented member of Destiny’s Child in her own right. And it looks like she knows talent cause she’s linked up with one of our favorite producers, TOKiMONSTA, for her next project. In fact, she seems very enthusiastic to take her music in a new direction, much due in part to the influence of TOKi and her craft.

How did you start working with Tokimonsta? I heard different mixes when I was out and then, when we finally got a chance to meet up, we talked about doing a project together. It was organic, really, the way it happened. I like to do things like things that, I don’t like for anything to be forced. It was really easy—she was super cool. I loved her style, and I love everything about her style of DJ-ing, the way she makes music, how she puts different rhythms and beats and melodies together. I just felt like it could be something special.

It looks like we have a lot to look forward to from the two. It’s fantastic to see TOKi’s stock continue to rise. She’s been an underground gem for too long.

Source: The Fader

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