New Music Wednesday: 12/10/14 – Far East Movement, Sam Ock, Ed-Two, Cynthia Lin

I know we usually do this on Tuesdays, but yesterday was busy – but better late than never amiright? So here are just under a handful of releases for you to add to the collection this week. There are no full-length projects this time around so everything is bite-sized. And as is customary,  the ones we recommended are starred (*) and bolded by the artist and title – in case you value our opinion.

[Remix Single] Far East Movement x Sidney Samson – “Bang It to the Curb” (Dotcom Remix)
Get It: Wavo (Free with SoundCloud follow)
Stream It: SoundCloud

* [Single] Sam Ock – “Never Ending”
Inspirational Pop/Rap
Get It (Korean Digital Stores): BugsMelon, MnetNaver, OllehSoribada
Stream It: SoundCloud

* [EP Album] Ed-Two – Life Imitates Art
Get It: Artist’s Store
Stream It: SoundCloud

[Cover Single] Cynthia Lin – “All I Want for Christmas Is You” (by Mariah Carey)
Get It: Bandcamp

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