The Mid-week Music Video Round-Up – 1/21/15 – The Lyric Video Edition

Over the past half year, we’ve neglected a number of music videos and so we’re making amends and sharing them with you today. Since these are lyric videos, thereby limiting the medium, rather than doing our “patented” mini-reviews I’ve just gone ahead and put them in descending order of what I was feeling at the moment (song-wise). Nothing official, just an uber-subjective ordering from “Love It” to “That was aight”.

Tim Be Told x Jin – “Into the Stars”

Johnnyphlo x G.Na – “달라”

Jesse Barrera – “Carousel”

Kina Grannis – “Write It In the Sky”

Arden Cho – “Memory”

AM Kidd – “Glad I Met You”

Ming & Ping – “The Most Beautiful”

Derez – “Smooth Criminal”

Jason Chen – “Please Everybody”

Jasmine V – “Walk Away”


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