Jin, AMP, GOWE, Mickey Cho, and NAK Present the #FearlessTour Documentary: Where Asian American Culture, Hip-Hop, and Faith Mix

Look, we love documenting Asian-American music. It’s a huge reason why a-Tunes exists. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t wish there was more resources out there. There’s a ton of media out there, but we need more historians.

Documentaries are a great way to accomplish all that so we’re glad the fellas of Good Fruit Co have decided to keep the cameras rolling throughout the duration of their #FearlessTour. They’ve curated, spliced, and edited a 45 minute clip giving us a deeper look at what transpired on this 4-stop event, bringing together Asian-American culture, Hip-Hop, and Faith.

So check out GFC’s #FearlessTour Documentary featuring Jin, AMP, GOWE, Mickey Cho, and NAK (and DJ Descry).

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