The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 2/11/15 – The Great Outdoors Edition

If you’re in the Northeast, chances are you’ve been relatively stuck indoors in the midst of Winter, forgetting what outside looks and feels like. If you’re elsewhere, maybe you just haven’t had a chance to stop and breathe in a little bit of your surroundings. Whatever it maybe, this weeks collection of music videos will have you ready to head out again. They are all prominently set outdoors, often with a little bit of water and sun in the back to evoke the days of Summer.

Kinjaz Dance to “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran

+Great to see so many Kinjaz head represent
-I would have loved for them to make use of that circle and give us some cool pans, but no dice

Jason Chen – “Drops of Heaven”

+A cute, lighthearted video
-But so much lens flare… was this directed by JJ Abrams?

J. Reyez – “Feelin’ Like”

+Very picturesque – nice aerial and panorama shots
-It’s still just a pretty coat of paint on an otherwise boilerplate rap video

Sue Jin – “Peace”

+A tranquil, almost surreal ballad
-Although I’d argue they take the pace a little too slow with the visual

Spazzkid – “Goodbye”

+Pretty cool video overall. A good mix of FTW & WTF
-I have mixed feelings about the drum patterns – fun but a bit off kilter

Lions Ambition – “Irresistible You”

+I’ve always been a fan of LA’s sound, and this is another reason why
-But I do admit, it could use a little polish in the mix to take them from a cool underground band to a great indie

Kylee – “Crazy for You”

+The vast overexposure gives it a dream like quality
-Not sure the unplugged, acoustic style is her strong point for vocals. I liked the original more.

Sam Tsui – “Next Best Thing”

+Sam definitely knows where he fits best in the music spectrum. The pop/rock vibe (emphasis on pop) suits him.
-Considering where they were, it would have been cool to see a little more grit in the visual. Break something! Get dusty!

Kevin Kaho Tsui – “Kowloon City”

+Well edited lyric video. I definitely got a little bit of wanderlust from watching this
-Although I can’t say I was crazy about the writing


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