The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 2/18/15 – The One-Two Punch Edition

Good Evening. Welcome to another addition of the mid-week music video mini-review round-up. Props to you if you can say that quickly 5 times. As we continue to dig ourselves out of the backlog, we are keeping the “reviews” very limited and lumping the videos into categories. This week brings us a double feature of artists per song. As each artist collabs with one other act to bring you the aforementioned, titular one-two punch.

So bam. Enjoy.

Jin x Traphik – “I’m Not Him”

+Nice simple sample flip of “Love Song
-It’s definitely a quickly made video and it shows

Paul Onion x Al-P – “Memories”

+The polaroid concept ain’t a bad way to make use of lo-fi video
-But the fact it’s in a ridiculously narrow aspect ratio still annoys me

J. Reyez x Flash – “Clutch”

+Vid quality is as sharp as ever
Lydia’s cameo is woefully under-utilized in her cameo

Derez x Berko Baako – “Woo Snappin”

+I ain’t see ATVs featured so heavily in a MV since DMX
-I generally liked the video but the film grain and dirt effects were too fake looking

Steve Aoki x Flux Pavilion – “Get Me Outta Here”

+EDM, parkour, sci-fi, what’s not to like?
-If I had to nitpick, it’d be the SFX were a bit cheesy in quality… especially that dust cloud

Verseatile x J. Han – “I Against I”
[vimeo w=600]+Good lawd the female lead is purdy
-This is minor but the audio mix was way too clean. It needed a little more lo-fi “grit”. But maybe that’s just cause I can’t help but compare it to the iconic original

Dru B Shinin’ x Wrex Washsington – “Blue Hundreds”

+It ain’t perfect but this is the most visually interesting DBS has dropped
-It’s a shame the song ain’t as memorable

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