Our Favorite Covers of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” by Asian American Artists

I ain’t gonna front, “Thinking Out Loud” is a great blue-eyed soul track. It was one of my favorites for a while until eventually it got way too much airplay and I finally tired of it. So I can’t hate on the fact that so many of our favorite musicians decided to cover the tune. I’ve gone ahead and watched/listened to a whole batch of them and am sharing them with you. And just to add a little bit of editorial content, I’ve ranked them in terms of favorite in descending order.

  1. Sam Tsui x Casey Breves
  2. August Rigo
  3. Mikey Bustos
  4. Gabe Bondoc
  5. Kina Grannis
  6. Jae Jin
  7. Nessa Rica
  8. Jian Choo
  9. Julianne Manalo
  10. Arden Cho
  11. Olivia Thai

A rap remix by Jason Chu x Jae Jin x Ruth Cho

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