Just ‘Cause: Jeremy Lin Raps in Chinese to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Like any other celebrity, Jeremy Lin has his fair share of detractors – for instance, some doubt his ability to speak Mandarin. With Mother’s Day coming up, looks like JL wanted to take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, by rapping in Chinese to establish his grasp of the language and celebrate family. I can dig that.

Why? Just ‘Cause.

Here are the Chinese lyrics:

听说你们不相信我会说中文 ,
干什么, 你不相信我用中文,
我爱我家人嫂嫂雅雅, 还有林继明,
我最近不健康, 变很胖, 加五六磅,
中文绕舌(或老师), 让我告诉你, 沒问题
我不满意, 还要进步, 中文继续学,
可是这周末的目的, 庆祝母亲节!!
Yeah! We did it!!

A fan named Popo Chung translated the lyrics into English:

I heard that you don’t believe I can speak Mandarin,
Why you don’t believe I can use Chinese.
Listen to me. Let me gradually persuade you.
I love my family: sister-in-law, Yaya (Joshua Lin, elder brother) and Lin Gie-ming (dad),
Don’t forget younger bro and mom, her name is Wu Xin-xin (Shirley Lin).
Recently I become unhealthier, fatter, and gained five to six pounds.
The best matter is that I don’t need to eat my mom’s soup.
Chinese RAP (or teacher), let me tell you, it’s no problem.
From beginning to end, just say Mandarin 哪里哪里.
I am unsatisfied and gonna make more progress. I’ll continue to study Mandarin.
But the objective of this weekend is to celebrate Mother’s Day!!
Yeah! We did it!!

Source: Shanghaiist

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