The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 5/13/15 – Squad Up Edition

Everyone loves good company. And this week’s round-up of MVs showcases that artists are no different. In all these videos, we have some appearances by the artists friends and loved ones. This batch is definitely more Hip-Hop heavy, as any good rapper has to roll thick with their clique.

Trus Real x Alyssa Marie – “MDMA”

+Ugh. That flow. Both of them. Naaaasty.
-Although they made the most of it, the whole video is really only two scenes. OC, MD represent though.

Jargon x Blacky Chan x Jordan Lorenzo – “Kill”

+It’s a tad overdone, but the editing has a lot of flair
-I’m pretty lukewarm on that hook

Alexander Spit – “This Party is Dead Anyways”

+Even though it’s a glorified slide show, the format is refreshing
-A. Spit releases are getting a bit too rare now-a-days

Mike-Dash-E – “Hello”

+I’m not always a fan of the quick cuts, but it works well in this video
-But the overall footage quality is inconsistent

J. Han – “Vibe”

+What a fun, yet chill and laidback track
-If they didn’t slo-mo it, we’d really have about a 1m7s of video footage

D-Pryde – “Low Key”

+I’m a sucker for for piano in Hip-Hop, even if it’s subtle
-Prizzy is obviously too young too remember how terrible that haircut was back in 1994. Fashion is truly cyclical.

Paul Onion (PassDa of The Yellow Boyz) – “Chill”

+Song makes me want to get out to Cali, ASAP
-This song really ain’t my style.

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