The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 5/20/15 – Wanderlust Edition

How many of you have got that travel itch? You just want to hop on a plane and visit locales all over the world? Well if that’s the case, you may love these videos or hate them with jealousy as they all take places in some great locations that should be on any bucket list to visit. So get ready to go abroad without even leaving your couch, or bed, or toilet, or at the dentists office… or wherever you’re reading this from.

Gunnarolla – “See You Again”

+I actually liked how this was a mostly instrumental track
-Sigh, my life is boring.

Kina Grannis – “Forever On Your Side”

+Dawwww. The love birds ❤
-Between this and the Us video, I feel like any vacation I ever take with a significant other will be lame

David Choi Features for Teske – “King for a Day”

+I love how music brings artists from across the world together
-But sharing that ice cream…. ugh…

Us the Duo – “Better Together”

+Beautiful sings, beautiful song, beautiful scenery
-I enjoyed it but I can’t say this is better than Jack Johnson’s version

Priscilla Ahn – “Leave It Open”

+P. Ahn’s music always calms me down, so chill
-This is nothing against her but Mad Max has ruined me to seeing any vehicle driving through the desert. I expect bedlam.

Mark Agustin – “King”

+Looks like Mark finally got his aspect ratio correct in his videos
-Unfortunately, he really hasn’t evolved much as an artist over the years

Joseph Vincent – “All I Wanted”

+I liked the visual effects used in the video
-Song is kind of bland. A bit unmemorable.

D-Pryde – “The Thrill”

+Good job making T. Dot look both grimy yet picturesque
-Am I the only one who was driven nuts by the motion blur?

Toro Y Moi – “Empty Nesters”

+Lo-fi done correct. VHS quality doesn’t get much better than this
-I’m a happy camper. Nothing negative to say.



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