Just ‘Cause: This Hawaiian Graduation Ceremony Has Made All Other Ceremonies Pointless

It’s too easy to be too self centered and only think of the USA as the lower 48 states. But these kids from our diverse brethren in the Pacific show why they should never be overlooked. The 2015 graduating glass of Kahuku High School wanted to go out in style and I’d say they succeeded.

This is a story made for internet virality, local infamy, and personal gratification. Congrats to the seniors of Kahuku High School and all others graduating all across the country!

One of the seniors, Lisiate Tovo, told BuzzFeed News that the school’s personalized haka mentions the “Red Raiders,” the school’s mascot.

“We do the haka as a form of respect usually before football or rugby games here in Hawaii,” he explained.
Tovo said the graduation dance is a tradition at the school, and the class learned the entire thing in two days.

He said some local Kahuku alumni, the Fonoimoana family, came up with the routine and helped the students learn it.

“Honestly the experience truly was amazing,” he said, “Leaving high school with a bang and the best part is enjoying the moment with (all my) classmates.”

Source: Buzzfeed

Why? Just ‘Cause.

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