The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 6/3/15 – Evening Calm Edition

Good evening. If you’re joining us on this late Spring night, you may be in a mood to unwind a little bit. This playlist is perfect for that, where we keep the BPMs relatively low and the vibe a little bit more introspective and subtle.

D-Pryde – “Rest of My Life”

+So heartfelt. A moving tribute.
-RIP Mama Pryde

Lan Li aka worldismarble – “Anything Under the Light”

+Minimalistic charm at it’s best
-That bridge is a bit shaky though

Lil Crazed – “You Gon’ Be Fine”

+Love it when art means reality, cool to see Crazed’s friends and family
-The fallen soldier motif felt a little forced

Marie Digby – “Vanish”

+Another strong rendition of Marie’s single
-This is at least the third promo video she’s done for the track

Jihae – “It Just Feels”

+Wait… is that Daryl from The Walking Dead?
-What did I just watch?

J. Han – “Han Solo”

+I’m a sucker for time lapse footage
-I actually thought there were stronger songs from his album that should have been promoted as a single


Andrew Huang – “Photographs + Maps”

+I’m digging the stop motion format
-It could have used a little stabilization. I got a slight headache watching this

Toro Y Moi – “Lilly”

+Toro nails that vintage lo-fi but modern hybrid sound
-Can’t say I get it…

Sam Tsui & Friends – “Heads Up” (Acoustic)

+Pretty decent pop/soft-rock  song
-Still not terribly impressed by the quality of these Vixia MINI X videos

Jason Chu x Sarah Jake – “Marvels”

+Dope MV. Dope feature from Hudson Yang
-Song borders on being melodramatic

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