Emmalyn Estrada and the Rest of G.R.L. Disbands


It’s been a tumultuous time for G.R.L. since Simone Battle’s suicide last fall… and now it seems that the quartet is no more. It’s only been a couple years since their debut as a reboot of sorts of the Pussycat Dolls, but this particular chapter has closed and the members, including Emmalyn Estrada, will go their separate ways.

“Nearly 9 months following the tragic death of band member Simone Battle, girl group G.R.L. announces today that they are disbanding,” reads a statement from Kemosabe Records, RCA Records, Larry Rudolph and Robin Antin. “We wish them continued success in each of their next creative endeavors.”

Emmalyn also posted this video, a short cover to Wiz Khalifa x Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” – a probable homage to her time together with the GRLs and the unknown future ahead.

Source: Billboard

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